File Downloads

Inspection Extracts

The downloadable files below represent extracts of all elevator inspections performed statewide. These links are copied directly from the Bureau of Elevator Safety.

Current Fiscal Year (Aug. 1, 2013-present)

FY 2012-13 (Aug. 1, 2012-July 31, 2013)

FY 2011-12 (Aug. 1, 2011-July 31, 2012)

FY 2010-11 (Aug. 1, 2010-July 31, 2011)


Complete Elevator Database 

Active, sealed and special sealed elevators/escalators and permits along with last inspection date in the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, Bureau of Elevator Safety.

Vertical Assessment converted the States Elevator Datebase file to an excel file and elimminate unnesseccy information that we feel is user friendly.

These Files are in an Excel format.

Florida Elevator Database
Florida Violation Codes
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