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 Here is information related to Rules, Examination notifications and links to Florida Bureau of Elevator Safety information information.

Citation Rule Takes Effect

The Bureau of Elevator Safety's new rule on citations for unlicensed activity became effective on January 10, 2012. Rule 61C-5.023, Florida Administrative Code, allows the bureau to issue citations and stop work orders for performing work or operating an elevator without the proper permit or license, including expired certificates of operation and temporary operating permits. Chapter 2010-110, Laws of Florida, authorized the bureau to issue citations for unlicensed activity.

Two-Stop Exemption Notifications

The Bureau of Elevator Safety is updating the service maintenance contract information for two-stop elevators that are exempt from the annual inspection requirement. To continue qualifying for the exemption, you must notify the bureau of your service maintenance contract by submitting a statement that you have a full-service maintenance contract with a registered elevator company that is performing all required maintenance and testing. A copy of a bill statement for a service maintenance contract does not qualify you for the exemption.



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